Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 Writing Tips for Hopefuls

It's Thursday and here I am. Whew, I'm crazy busy. Mostly in my mind, but life as well. Tonight I was sitting here thinking about everything I have learned thus far in the book publishing industry. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I wish I knew two years ago what I know now. If I had a clue then, I wouldn't have experienced some major downer moments. The moments were doubt creeps into one's subconscious and works to keep a person from reaching their goals. I have had too many of those to count. I still have a 92,000 word novel that no one in the industry has read simply because I got my feelers hurt when trying to find an agent. That brings me to my first lesson.

1. If you are new or unheard of and query an agent with your book and get the response, "It's not what we're looking for..." Try again and submit to another if that's your goal. Or, research, research, research potential publishers for your book. Try them next if your agent quest fails. If you're like me and fear rejection, uh, get a better attitude and brush it off. The other avenue which has opened doors for so many great writers is self-publishing. Find a great editor and keep your dream alive. Don't let your hard work sit in a file. Get your ass out there and get noticed!

2. This is my favorite. Grammar, grammar, grammar. Comma splices are my nemesis. I'm so bad. I know editors that have looked at my writing just think, dumbass. I'm getting better and better the more I write. Don't laugh and think you can't commit such an error. It's real easy to do. So study while you read books. Watch the flow, and punctuation. It helps.

3. Find friends and family who will give you honest opinions and can catch errors. Typically, I read over my manuscripts so many times that I forget if I have already said something and have began to repeat myself. I work a day job, have a family, blah, blah, and can't sit for hours at one time writing.  My other problem is my brain doesn't catch missing words, such as: he, her, is and sometimes I completely misspell a word, but my mind knows it and somehow auto-corrects and I see what should be. Sound crazy? My sister finds plenty of instances right after I have read over a section. Then I see it and have an ah-ha moment.

4. Write what you know. A friend of mine was joking that I may end up the next Ernest Hemingway. I laughed at that, because he isn't an avid reader for one. And two, I write erotic romance. While I love what I write, I doubt a major readership of my works could ever topple or compare. Heck, I don't even read Ernest Hemingway! He said I should write good books, meaning books that aren't about eroticism and romance. I thought for a moment and immediately got bored. If I wouldn't read it, I sure as hell won't write it.

5. Don't give up. Perseverance pays! Believe in yourself and others will too. Study, read books in your genre. Do anything to keep your mind ticking and thinking. And don't for one minute believe that other authors don't get nervous about their work when they submit. No one is perfect, and everyone can be better in some way or another.

There are my words. You can take what helps or believe I'm a nutcase. Well, you'd be right on that one. I am kind of kooky. But, I have been writing for two years and went through this. I learn something new everyday. I'm so far from being perfect I can't even tell you how far. I keep writing and trying. I read and learn everything I possibly can. It shows and I can feel it when I write something new. My mind engages, takes all the new information I've learned and calls me out when I'm in error. I have a long road ahead. Guess what? I'm going to keep trying, keep writing and keep submitting, because I love to write and create.

Happy writing!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eight Seconds - Erotic Romance

It's Tuesday and not my usual day to blog, but I'm too excited not to! I got my book cover from Siren Publishing today. Yeah!

Isn't it great! The person that made this cover at Siren did a fabulous job! Thank you, thank you!

Tonight I finished up my book trailer for Eight Seconds and while I'm not a professional, I think it turned out well. I'm a penny pincher and if I can do it myself, I generally do.


If I didn't upload this trailer correctly, you can find the video on YouTube.

I'm learning all kinds of new techie stuff lately. I'd prefer to just write erotic romance books, but I have to promote as much as I can. When I have time, I will be shamelessly promoting my book where ever I can. 2012 is my year to come out of top. I think :)

So, it's been a busy week and it's only Tuesday. I worked my day job, ack, now I'm having fun and staying up too late. giggles

Outside of making book trailers today, I have been writing on my third book in The Texas Senator's Sons series. I'm sure I've mentioned the first two come out in May. So, this third book is totally different than the first two. It's extra naughty and taboo. Too fun is all I have to say.

Have a fantastic week! I will :)


Friday, March 23, 2012

Erotic Romance is for me!

If you didn't already know, today is Friday! It's also the day I'm most likely to blog. Today, wow, has been great! I feel like Tony the Tiger. Lol.

First of all I started a new book this week and I'm totally stoked over it. Let's just say if it turns me on it's pretty naughty. (giggles) Anyway...this book is the 3rd in my series, The Texas Senator's Sons, it is entitled Drake. The first two are due out in May, Damon first and Drew second.

So, my next bit of happy news concerns Damon. I just received the Editor's Checklist and edits for the book and I'm ready to dive in head first and make it all it can be. I love the editors with Siren and like I've said before, I'm learning so much from them. Thanks guys!

Now here I am happy as a lark and checking off the days until my first book, Eight Seconds is released. Yup, I finally finished the edits and wow, am I glad too. April 17th feels like forever away. Is it here yet? No? Damn!

If you haven't already guessed, I'm totally into writing. I love the freedom that erotic romance allows. If I tried to write strictly mainstream I'd be bleeped and chastised every other word. Like I've said before, I love the, "In Your Face" sex scenes. I'm adult and I expect to feel all tingly when I pick up a book. Just saying.

Tonight I'm going to do a little celebrating...just a little. Lol. 2012 is my year to change my life and embrace what I enjoy doing. The only element hindering me is the dreaded day job. Ack! It's getting better now since I moved to a more part-time position that allows me more time to write. Yeah!

Okay, I need to give you a hint about what's in the book I'm currently writing.

I snagged this photo from

Bwahhahaha. That was my evil and wicked laugh. How did you you like it? Lol!

If you're wondering, I have put a book on the shelf for now. I'll return to it later when I get the current book written before my head explodes. My priest to be will have to wait in limbo because I'm not sure what I want to do to him yet. Yes, my characters are my minions and do my bidding!

Happy Friday! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Edits done for first book, Eight Seconds

I'm having a, "Yeah Me!" day. Last night I completed the last edits for my very first book, Eight Seconds! Gosh, I was sweatin' it too! My book is due out around April 17th, 2012 but that is subject to change...I hope not. I may have mentioned before that I have been writing for around three years and this is not my first book written but rather the first one to be published. I wrote Eight Seconds last year and queried Harlequin Blaze in September 2011.

When Christmas came and went and I hadn't heard anything I decided to weigh my options. I could continue to wait and they may want to see it or I could find a publisher where I could write the book the way I wanted to. Originally, I wrote Eight Seconds for Blaze going by their requirements and I wasn't happy with it really. I hate silly euphemisms, crashing waves, folds between her legs, and all the other safe words that are meant for mainstream audiences. Well, I'm not a mainstream girl, at all. I had read many, and I repeat many Blaze novels and wanted more. Hell, I'm an adult, tell me like it is! Not to downgrade Harlequin at all because they have their place and there is many readers that want that...but I don't. So, what I'm trying to say is that the whole mess was a blessing in disguise for me. It pushed me to really look into other publishers. Ah, then I found Siren and bought an eBook to get a taste of what they offered. Eureka! I was so turned on I didn't know sic em' from come here! I pondered the possible revision of Eight Seconds to fit Siren's guidelines and didn't hesitate because that's what I wanted my book to do! I wanted a book that would have readers turned on with a story they would love. A story with real people that readers could relate to. I hope I have done that. I have to laugh thinking back to last summer. I asked a friend of mine to read it and I'm sure at first she was thinking, "Oh, you're gonna be a writer, right." See I hadn't told anyone except a couple of people that I liked to write.

Anyway, I digress. She read the book in two days. I got a text from her when she was midway through, it read: "OMG, I'm going home to rape my husband!" That was absolutely the best compliment I have ever had! It also pushed me to keep going when everything looked bleak. That's when I queried Harlequin and waited and got depressed again. With Eight Seconds complete and in limbo, I started working on The Texas Senator's Sons series. The first book is titled, Damon. I had so much fun writing the first one. I completed it right before Christmas about the time I was weighing my options. I finally made up my mind because I'm a firm believer in Karma. I sent both manuscripts to Siren and here I am today. Having two manuscripts accepted really boosted my confidence...before that I was down to none. Immediately I began work on the second book in The Texas Senator's Sons series, Drew. That book went fast because I was excited, invigorated. Drew was accepted also and I did my happy dance.

Currently, I've been working on edits, designing book trailers and had been writing a paranormal erotic romance. Poor thing has been sitting for two weeks while I made my edits. I'm ready to jump back into it now! If you are an aspiring writer like me, let me give you a little advice. Research publishers well, find your market. Realize that big publishing houses that you find in grocery stores are not always the way to go, they aren't for me. I still haven't received an answer from a query folks from Harlequin and its been almost 7 months, a query! I know I will do better and enjoy myself so much more right where I am at. You may be wondering if Eight Seconds wasn't my first book, what was and what happened? My first book is The Book of Generations, my baby. It is a paranormal erotic romance mixed with time travel, history and ancient Germanic mythology. The book hit over 92,000 words and I queried agent after agent. Guess what? I was declined 6 times and it almost ruined my faith in myself. Am I the first writer to be declined? Hell no! Some of the most famous writers had many rejections. I suppose that's what kept me going, knowing that I wasn't alone. I still want to publish The Book of Generations but I'm almost scared to send it in. Maybe soon. Right now I have plenty to do with my next two books that are scheduled in May and finishing my current paranormal. Plus I need to write the third and final part of The Texas Senator's Sons. Wish me luck!

Okay, so I know this was a serious blog, I'm really not serious all the time....99% of the time I'm happy go lucky and researching for my next book. I just wanted to tell my story for those that are faced with what I have went through. Hang in there! Shaking off the dander here! Let's get some motivation. Shall we?
I snagged this from I missed this show when I was in Vegas last fall, damn it! At least it's enjoyable to look at! Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Erotic romance author's wild life, yeah

It's Tuesday, well almost Wednesday now. I'm a night owl, big time and absolutely was not meant to work a daylight shift. Since my last post I have been working on my edits, STILLLLL! Gawd, I better learn how to avoid those damn comma splices.

So, with the edits coming along I have been busy with life. I set up a Twitter account, you can find me @HennesseeAndrew. I also have a Facebook Fan page, just need fans. Lol. Be checking back soon. I will have excerpts from my first book, "Eight Seconds" right here. Oh, and adult excerpts as well. I can't wait to see what my book cover will look like, of course there will be a cowboy on the front. Did I hear a "Yummy"? That brings me to decide on a picture for the day.
Yep, that stokes the imagination there. My first three books all feature cowboys but I'm working on other stuff as well. A paranormal erotic romance, I'm not saying anymore, I'm lying. It features a hot, soon to be priest. Would it earn me sneers, yup. Does it contain very sinful acts? fuck yeah!

Other than that I have been playing around with a book from a male pov because I wanted to know if I could. It lacks the romance that are in books geared more for women but what I like about the book is that if offers a lot to either sex. If you want to get an idea of what a man thinks and hot sex, well, this book would be a good place to start. Since I'm not a man, it may be biased as to what I think men think about. Are we really that different when it comes to sex? NO. My hero is a team roper,aka cowboy. Go figure. lol. I will more than likely publish this one on my own through Smashwords. When I do, I'll definitely announce it! Keep a mental note, the name of the book is, "Concealed Behind Denim", isn't that a fitting name? I have designed the book to be short stories showcasing the romps and exploits Wilson McDermott through the rodeo season over a bet. I have lots planned for this hottie. My devious and depraved mind can't help it! All in all, I think women would enjoy it and have the added bonus of sharing it with their man, who knows, they may have one hell of a night afterward!

Signing off now, too tired to think. Have a kick ass week. Hennessee

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Friday and another end of another, (almost) grueling week. Yeah, I work a nine to five, six days a week. I do what I can until I can do better. Yep, I'm a working gal, busting my ass driving all over the county side. The one misconception about writers, or authors, pardon, I'm new to this, is that authors are fabulously wealthy...not! Gawd, I wish! I write because I love it!

 One day, sure, I'd like to only write but for now I'm just a common girl, waiting for my next pay day. So, today I have been working on the edits for my very first book to be published. The editing process isn't what I'd call fun but I will say that I have been learning a lot! Comma splice? Fucking yeah baby, I've got a ton.

 See, I read a book on dialog...not to bore you, but it said basically that dialog should follow how a person speaks and since people carry on without a hard pause, a writer should use commas between sentences. Well, I say thanks a lot clump nugget because I've been fixing that shit all day! Anyway, what any aspiring writer should learn if they read this post is this....writing styles change with the times, if the info you're reading is older than a couple of years...throw the shit in the burn! I'm kind of laughing but again, learning sooo much. The editors going over my manuscript must have been cussing their asses off. "What the fuck? Another comma?" giggles.

I'm not making fun of the editors, but I can only guess their reaction and I don't blame them. Okay, so I said my peace about what's in my crawl today. It's Friday night, ye haw! I have a short shift tomorrow and a day off! Ah, the fabulous life of writers. I tell ya, we're a wild bunch. What do erotic writers do on this auspicious night? Huh, for me, research and yeah, find inspiration. I think I'm one sided. I'll rephrase, I am one sided. Show me a luscious cowboy and I shiver. Must be the region I grew up in or the fact that cowboys are the hottest men on the planet! Sure, there are lots of hot men and I'll try to find some without a hat...maybe tomorrow. I've got the Scarlett O'Hara complex or something. I digress...Here is the image of the day.
Can I hear a yummy? For me, I like the tall, dark and handsome. Wait, I'm talking about my husband. To be realistic I have to find these inspirational men for my heroines because the cupcakes I write about can't have my man! Lol'ing!

****Public Service Announcement*** If anyone tells you that sex and hot men don't trip their trigger, they're lying! Flesh is sin, and since we're all flesh...ah, ha, we're all sinful creatures. If you're reading erotic romance and didn't realize you're a lustful sinner, sorry. If you already knew that, well, congratulations.

 Sex is natural, sex is fun, sex is best...oh, WTF, I started to quote George Michael! There is a sad story, well, for women, not him. I remember when that hottie came out on MTV with 'I want your sex', oooh, baby. I think I was around thirteen and had no clue what sex was, seriously. I just knew that we finally got cable and flesh was on TV!

The only celebrity that could compete with him in my eyes was Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Damn, I remember when I saw that movie...I was nine and never squealed so much in my entire life! That's the power of attraction and sex folks. It makes you squeal, stomp your feet, want to touch yourself, really. I'm not lying and if you're disagreeing then you're lying. Ha, ha. I speak the truth. Reminisce about the first heart throb, the first kiss. Remember how you felt? Yeah, more than your lips were quivering!

That's the feeling I like to explore, the first meeting, the overwhelming desire. My favorite part is when....wait for when they finally give up the game and fall into lust. Uh, huh, here we are back to the heart pounding, hips thrusting, lips seeking. And no, I'm not a sex craved lunatic...I'm a woman who enjoys the art of falling into lust and love. I'll end here, but I will let you in on a little secret...The most panty dropping actor I love is....
See, I'm really not one sided.