Monday, July 30, 2012

Blue Collar Monday

Blue Collar Monday

Well, it's another Monday. Let's start this one off right!

Poor baby worked so hard he tore up his jeans. Mmmm.

Monday isn't typically everyone's favorite day, so soak up the yummy and put a smile on your face!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lea Barrymire's Newest Release and Drool Fest

There is nothing like the jittery nervous fluttering in my belly on a release day. I haven’t celebrated enough of them for the fun and nerves to wear off. Each time it’s like the first. I wake like I’ve been jolted with a taser, fly around the house like I’ve been drinking RedBull by the gallon. Today is a very special release for me. My first story with Ellora’s Cave released this morning. I can’t adequately explain the rush I get when I say that. *sigh*
Having Valentine Master release on a Wednesday is an extra bonus. So, without further ado, Happy Hump Day! Enjoy some eye candy scattered among the blurb and snippet of Valentine Master.


Heather’s marriage is on the rocks and she knows it. Since she told her husband Mick that she craved domination in the bedroom, he’s been secretive and strange, spending his evenings away from home. All Heather’s expecting as a Valentine’s Day surprise is divorce papers.

So when she comes home from work to find Mick randy and ready to go with a kinky box of tricks, Heather can hardly believe her luck. Mick has mastered his reluctance to dominate his wife—and now he’s going to master her.

More eye candy of the hump day variety:

Heather unlocked the front door and she could feel her shoulders tensing already. It had been a rough day, and with two after-business meetings she was home really late. Another Valentine’s Day come and gone without any type of romance. She knew they had agreed not to celebrate it, but every year she hoped that he would surprise her with something. A simple flower, a call, a card. Anything to show that she wasn’t just the housekeeper and nanny.
She replayed her phone call with Mick all the way home. She’d called to let him know that she would be late and to not worry about dinner for her. He had been distracted and sounded upset, but when she’d asked him about it he’d denied being angry. He had been distracted a lot lately. Going out at night or coming home late. She was worried that their relationship was falling apart but she couldn’t think of anything more she could do for him.
Maybe this was the last Valentine’s Day she would have to worry about with her husband. If he was planning a divorce she wouldn’t contest it, even if it would rip her heart out. She loved him so much, but it didn’t seem to be enough to pull them from their funk. Sex was a long-gone item in their lives. They spent evenings separately, pursuing their individual interests, mumbling a few words at each other and then heading to bed. At least they still shared the bed. She could cuddle up to his warmth once he fell asleep and he didn’t rebuff her.
She thought about their conversation a few months ago, about the shock and disbelief she had seen cross his face. She had admitted to him, with tears in her eyes, that she’d been fantasizing about a sexually submissive relationship for a long time. She’d wanted to explore a side of her that had been clamoring to escape for years. It had all come out after a phone call with a friend who lived a submissive lifestyle. She had talked to her friend for days about her feelings and the increasing need she had to give up control. During her confession to Mick she had watched the shocked look on his face as she’d opened up and talked about what she thought she wanted. She’d tried to explain that she had these feelings and needs that just weren’t being dealt with.
Since that admission, Mick had tried to add some domination to their bedroom. They had done some research together on the internet and she’d found some websites dedicated to Dominants. He’d bought cuffs and a few toys, tied Heather to the bed during sex every once in a while and really had tried. It hadn’t been enough, though, for her. She didn’t want the kink as much as she wanted to submit to him. She wanted to have the thought process, the control, taken away from her. The freedom and contentment that came with handing over her body and mind to her husband was exhilarating.
Heather wondered if she had pushed too hard, and now Mick was running away from her. They hadn’t talked about it much since she’d brought it up, and she’d never brought it up again. What was the saying? They had an elephant in the room with them whenever they were alone. She’d thought about it on the way home and was willing to forget it, to bury her needs if it would keep Mick happy. She could do that for him if that was what it would take to get their open and loving relationship back on track. Or at least some semblance of their loving relationship.
With a sigh she shut the door behind her and flipped the lock. She hoped that the kids were in bed, but knowing her husband they would be running around like feral cats, climbing furniture and marking their territory. She braced herself for the pounding of little feet down the hallway once they realized she was home. The continued quiet of the house surprised her.
She slipped her heels off and moaned with delight when her stocking feet touched the cool linoleum. She quickly let her long, brown hair down from the French twist she had done that morning. It fell to the middle of her back in loose curls. She scrubbed her fingers over her scalp, massaging away some of the tension. It felt delicious to let her hair down. She hung up her coat and her computer bag and glanced through the doorway into the kitchen. Still no sounds of her stampeding offspring echoing through the house. She peeked around the corner into the living room and saw that it was empty. A vase holding a single rose stood on the middle of their island in the kitchen. She fingered the silky petals before bending to breathe in the scent. She loved the smell of roses. There was a small piece of paper propped up on the vase. She turned on the light over the stove and read the note.
Come find me. Love, Sir. Bring the rose with you.

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Thank you for celebrating with me. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and excerpt.  A huge thanks to Hennessee for letting me invade for the day.