Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thank you, readers!

Thank you readers. I appreciate each and every sale to any of my books. Without readers, authors would be writing for themselves. While I'm not fabulous, or even a fantastic author, I continue to grow with each book I write. This is what I love to do and having wonderful readers is what encourages me daily to keep at it.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Owned is released today!

The year is 2568.

Keira Alvarado is a captain and pilot for the New World Order in the Southwest Quadrant. At twenty-eight and single, she is indeed a rare find. Laws set forth by the NWO to bring about peace and restructuring of the world are not popular with all. The Breeding Law is one Keira cannot abide by.

Census reports estimates the ratio of men to women as 2 to 1 after the Apocalyptic Wars of 2540 and the Alien Wars of 2550. In order to combat the problem, the NWO established the Breeding Law. Under the law, men are to file for breeding rights and choose a mate in pairs. Their rights supersede a woman’s, allowing them to stake their claim whether a woman objects or not.

Keira not only hates the law, but she has been using her father’s position for years to shield her. A geeky history nut and a closet romantic, Keira longs for the days when men had to woo for the attention of a woman. She lives in a fantasy world where love reigns and men are valiant and honorable.

When two new pilots come under her command in the Southwest Quad, Keira’s world and dreams take a backseat to the chaos that begins to unfold.  

     Stopping at her door, Keira waved her hand and it slid open for her. “Get in and keep your mouth shut,” she directed as the two silently walked past her. After she followed them inside, the door shut behind them. Iverson and Darroch stood at attention and she just admired the view. Darroch was a sight to behold when his mouth was closed. And Iverson just looked like a wet dream in his black NWO uniform.

     She stood in front of them for a moment before speaking, hoping to find a just punishment for the both of them. Her desire had spread and it felt stuffy and hot all of a sudden. She turned and wished for a cold blast of air. Did she dare order the climate system to suit her? Or would that show them her weakness?

     No, she’d suffer instead, she decided, knowing the system would eventually kick in, and leaned back against her desk. “What should I do with you two clowns? I could take away your rank and send you to the ground. Maybe a nice job in janitorial services would be just, considering the amount of shit you cause.”

     Iverson blinked and took a deep breath, but didn’t say anything. Darroch, on the other hand, just grinned.

     “And what is so amusing about this situation, Darroch? If I were you, I’d wipe that look off my face.”

      “I can’t help it. You’re just so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

      Iverson jabbed him hard in the ribs and continued to stare straight forward.

     “You won’t think so when I’m done with you,” she replied and lifted her chin. How she’d like to work the guy over.

     “I’ve always heard that love is blind,” Darroch said and motioned to the corner. “It seems we aren’t the only fools to fall under your spell.”
Keira glared and turned to see what he was speaking of. How she missed the flowers when she entered she didn’t know, but was surprised to see the biggest bouquet of exotics ever. They weren’t just any flowers. They were very rare and expensive ones from Ardemon. Only men with very deep pockets could afford such.

     Before she could get sentimental over the gift, which was in fact a first for her, Keira turned back toward Darroch. “It would seem the fools are bigger fools than you two.”

     Darroch grinned before taking a casual stance. “While some men would buy pussy like yours, I’d rather take it.”

     Forces out of Keira’s control took hold of her, and before she realized it, she was crashing her fist against Darroch’s face. He wavered back and stumbled a couple of steps. His head was dropped down and he wiped the blood from his lips. Slowly his gaze rose to meet her eyes. They twinkled with desire as a devilish grin swept over his mouth.

      “Baby, foreplay isn’t necessary at this point.”

      “Theron, knock it off.” Iverson reached for his arm as Darroch stalked toward her.

     “Oh, no. I’m finishing what we started,” Darroch said without taking his eyes off of her.

     Keira’s cunt spasmed and she swallowed hard. Darroch’s eyes almost seemed to glow. “I’m warning you, clown boy, you don’t want what is coming if you don’t back off.”

     “Honey, my dick has been hard as fucking steel since you engaged us in the air,” Darroch said, his eyes lethal and serious as he spoke.

      Keira raised her brows, questioning him. She’d hoped that he had shit his pants instead. Wishful thinking.

     “Oh, yes, honey, that stunt did nothing more than to bring my cock to full attention,” Darroch said and rubbed the front of his form-fitting uniform. His erection was obvious and on full display. She had to blink her eyes and avert her gaze. Long and thick. Oh, hell, she chanted inside her head.

     “Don’t act like you’re not aroused. You see, I know you get off by combat, dog fighting in the sky, the same as me. Engaging your weapons were mere foreplay,” Darroch said in a whisper and pushed his body against hers, pinning her against the desk. His eyes stared down at her, wide open, with a knowing grin on his face. “I bet your pussy is swollen, begging for my touch.”

      “Back off, Theron,” Iverson said and pulled at Darroch’s arm.

      Without looking back, Darroch smiled. “No, I’ve engaged her. Let the real dogfight begin.”

     Keira stared at Iverson for a moment. His eyes were filled with desire, yet fear. Easily, he could overpower Darroch if he wanted to, but he stayed frozen, staring back at her.

     Darroch grabbed her hand and pulled it down, placing it on his cock. He forced her to rub him through his uniform. “Tell me you’re not craving it,” he said and leaned forward to nip her chin. “Deny me, say whatever you want, but I’ll know it’s a lie. I can smell your arousal,” he continued and inhaled a deep breath through his nose with his eyes closed. They looked glazed over when he opened them. “Baby, I promise we’ll be all you’ll ever need.”

     Keira had reached her breaking point and lust ruled. She squeezed his cock hard in retaliation and kissed him hard, stopping to bite his bottom lip. “You’re not man enough.”

     “Oh, princess, get ready,” Darroch said with a growl and ripped the front of her uniform open. Such strength overwhelmed her while leaving her exposed, breasts naked for their eyes to feast upon. He dipped his head down and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard to the point of pain.

      Keira squealed and fisted his hair in her hands as he nudged his hips between her thighs, shoving her up onto her desk. His hard cock teased her pussy, rubbing with enough friction she could feel the heat between them. She hated that he knew how much she wanted him, wanted this. “Fail to make me come and you’ll regret coming to the Southwest Quad.”

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rough in the Saddle Series update!

First, thank you to all the readers of this series! I appreciate and love every comment you leave.

Now, to answer a couple of questions. Many of you have been wondering when to expect the next book and also if there would be any more books. Yes, there is lots more to come.

I had been working on a couple of different projects and needed a little break to allow my muse time to plot some more. With my other works complete, I'm happy to announce that I'm working on Rough in the Saddle 6 - Austin's Story.

On top of that, I have outlined the next five books. Yay! I really wondered where the ranch was going and who was going to join. I have also names the other books. They are as follows:

Austin's Story
Trevor's Story
Pace's Story
Xavier's Story
Avery's Story

For Austin's Story, I'm moving along quite well, and hope to see it out in July, maybe first of August. That will be determined by Siren's schedule, so we'll see, no promises here. The sooner the better, right?

Again, thank you all for the support and I'm so thrilled that you are enjoying the ride!