Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rough in the Saddle is growing!

Rough in the Saddle has grown and the saga continues!

Books 6 and 7 are out!

Austin Stephens never anticipated meeting a gorgeous, fast-tongued auctioneer.  He will learn Cole Jacobsen is more than he seems with secrets to prove it.
As cattle buyer by trade, Austin learns many new valuable lessons in his quest to capture Cole’s heart. Buy low, sell high is not always the best plan. In Austin’s quest to earn the XYZ Ranch the most money for their stock he hurts Cole, not intentionally, but soon realizes the error of his ways.
A lot is going on at the XYZ with an upcoming rodeo they're gearing up for. Just as Austin kept his own secret concerning the sale of the ranch’s stock, Cole has his own secret, and it will prove to have much higher stakes.
Nationals are coming up while the ranch continues to grow. Somewhere out there someone is stirring up trouble for the ranch. The stakes are getting higher, threatening the world Zander created.
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Trevor Whitney left his family’s dairy for fun and adventure. Winding up in the middle of a love triangle never crossed his mind. Who knew he would meet a gorgeous, blue-eyed cowboy that would spur his libido within hours of arriving at the XYZ Ranch?
A late night rendezvous with Jensen in the barn was supposed to be nothing more than a good time. Their relationship started to grow until Trevor learned that Jensen was in love with Marcus, a rough cowboy with a bad disposition.
Not wanting to lose Jensen, Trevor sets out to uncover the reason behind Marcus and Jensen’s breakup. Trevor learns one very important lesson. Never tease and call a man’s bluff. Caught in a love triangle, Trevor can’t handle the secrecy. Together with Jensen, the two are determined to find a way they can all be together. There is only one obstacle… secrets. What they learn from Marcus will change their lives forever.
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